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File:Chymische Schrifften 1717 Basilius Valentinus Frontispiece.jpg|thumb|upright|"Frater Basilius Valentinus, monk of the Benedictine order and Hermeticism|Hermetic philosopher": imaginary portrait in the frontispiece from ''Chymische Schrifften'', 1717 File:Peterskirche Erfurt 1.jpg|thumb|upright|right|The ''Peterskirche'', Erfurt, today. '''Basil Valentine''' is the Anglicised version of the name '''Basilius Valentinus'''. Basilius Valentinus was alleged to be a 15th-century alchemy|alchemist, possibly Canon (priest)|Canon of the Benedictine Priory of Saint Peter in Erfurt|Erfurt, Germany. According to John Maxson Stillman, who wrote on the history of chemistry, there is no evidence of such a name on the rolls in Germany or Rome and no mention of this name before 1600. His putative history, like his imaginary portrait, appears to be of later...
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